Week Timer

Time reporting made simple.
Support for iOS 17.1 150 150 Week Timer

Support for iOS 17.1

Version 3.8.1 Update for iOS 17.1 Context Menu update with new look and more options Advanced option to balance decimal reports Maintenance on the nuts and bolts at the core of the application to keep it running smoothly
iOS 15.5 Update 150 150 Week Timer

iOS 15.5 Update

Version 3.7.2: Update for iOS 15.5 VoiceOver improvements Update to support numeric keypad in the various time editing views Crushed a number of issues due to iOS changes, and other maintenance to keep Week Timer feeling alive and well
Backup & Reset 150 150 Week Timer

Backup & Reset

Version 3.7.1: Backup and Reset Support added to start afresh when needed Bug Fixes and Latest iOS Compatibility Squashed some infrequent bugs and ensured compatibility with the latest iOS technology changes
Latest iOS Support 150 150 Week Timer

Latest iOS Support

Version 3.6.2: Latest iOS support Fresh update to support the iOS 13 look and feel Bug Fixes Additional bugs fixed as they should be
Support for iOS 12 150 150 Week Timer

Support for iOS 12

Version 3.5.1: Finally iOS 12 support Updates behind the scenes Keeping the app healthy is important so occasionally these updates are needed Bug fixes They creep in… and we squeeze them out again
Improved Tag Support 150 150 Week Timer

Improved Tag Support

Version 3.5: Improved Tag Support: Now you can archive your tags when you no longer need them so you have less clutter, but also restore them when you like.
iPhone X Support 150 150 Week Timer

iPhone X Support

Version 3.4.2: iPhone X Support: Support for iPhone X has been added so you can enjoy the full extents of your large screen.
iOS 11 Support 150 150 Week Timer

iOS 11 Support

Version 3.4.1: Week Timer has been updated to be fully compatible with iOS 11 in version 3.4.1
Month View and Month Reports 150 150 Week Timer

Month View and Month Reports

Version 3.4: Month View and Month Reports Shortcut Support (3D Touch) Enhanced Exported Reports with Summary View
Version 3.3 150 150 Week Timer

Version 3.3

Predictive workhours for current week More overtime details

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