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First of all make sure that an email account has been added in “Mail” in the iPhone/iPad settings menu. Most importantly, verify that a default account has been setup in iPhone/iPad Settings “Mail -> Default Account”. Now when a week or month is selected and the action button (right-top button) is selected, the email option appears.

Another way to verify email is setup properly, is to send an email with the Apple Mail app. If this fails, then Week Timer will not be able to send a mail either.

Select the “List” view and drag your finger over the Time Entry to the right. A delete button will appear.

You do not setup start and stop times, only the number of hours you plan to work every day.

If you remember to check in later during your work day, check in then tap and drag on the check in time to get back to the time you arrived. Alternatively you can edit the time entry in the Time Entries view. If you want to add time entries from previous days, you can add them in the Time Entries view, either by using the plus “+” sign or by tapping and holding on a row where you want to insert an entry.

The overtime is calculated on a weekly basis and reset at the beginning of the week. Cumulative overtime over more than 1 week is not yet supported.

The duration is entered in hours for each day i.e. 8.00 indicates 8 target hours for that day. There is no need to enter start or end times. Week Timer calculates overtime automatically.

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