Week Timer

Time reporting made simple.
150 150 Week Timer

iPhone X Support

Version 3.4.2:

  • iPhone X Support:
    Support for iPhone X has been added so you can enjoy the full extents of your large screen.
150 150 Week Timer

iOS 11 Support

Version 3.4.1:

  • Week Timer has been updated to be fully compatible with iOS 11 in version 3.4.1
150 150 Week Timer

Month View and Month Reports

Version 3.4:

  • Month View and Month Reports
  • Shortcut Support (3D Touch)
  • Enhanced Exported Reports with Summary View
150 150 Week Timer

Version 3.3

  • Predictive workhours for current week
  • More overtime details
150 150 Week Timer

Version 3.0

  • Fresh new design throughout the app
  • Beautiful integrated backgrounds
  • Customisable with your own backgrounds
150 150 Week Timer

Version 2.3

  • Backup and restore support to transfer your times to a new device
  • Support for Italian
  • Improvements for selection handling in the user interface
150 150 Week Timer

Version 2.0 – 2.2

  • Auto Lunch support in new and edited time entries
  • Adjustable minute accuracy in time editor
  • Check out reminder so you don’t forget to go home!
  • Tags to easily categorize hours in reports for different activities or tasks
  • Tag Quick-Switching: Switch a tag in 2 simple taps!
  • Notes so no details are forgotten
  • Completely revamped Time Entry interface with extended support for adding & deleting time entries and breaks.
150 150 Week Timer

Version 1.2

  • Decimal format now supported in time report
  • Swedish and Dutch localization!
150 150 Week Timer

Version 1.1

  • Predicted check out time
  • Overtime tracking on a daily basis
  • Irregular daily target hours support
  • Override default first day of week setting
  • Progress Bar
  • Tap display to display overtime today, total today or time since last check in
  • Active timer can be edited
  • Week Report includes the active timer
150 150 Week Timer

Version 1.0

  • Week number support (European & US)*
  • Streamlined design to efficiently track your time
  • Day and week hours overview at a glance
  • Easy export by email both in text (HTML) and spreadsheet (CSV) format
  • Lunchtime “set and forget”
  • Timer runs in background
  • Icon badge on home screen
  • Overtime tracking on a daily and weekly basis
  • Simple but stylish time entry editor
  • First day of week automatically set based on location
  • Settings available in the app

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