Tags for Tracking

Need to categorize your hours? Tags help you manage your tasks!

Quick Edit

Want to quickly adjust your time? Just slide the time up or down!

Go home!

Work too much? Week timer reminds you to go home!

Week Timer

Simply check In when you arrive, check out when you leave and track your times on a daily basis. At the end of the week select one or more week reports and email them to your work so you can update your timesheet in an efficient manner using either the text (HTML) or spreadsheet (CSV) format.
Optionally use tags and notes to track your time by task or project, so you don't loose track of when you did what for whom.
To get an overview of the latest features included in Week Timer take a look at the Features page.
For some more I depth information on how to use Week Timer take a look at the Documentation page.
Any questions you have may have already been answered in the FAQ on the Support page. Any other questions or support issues? Just drop us a line with the contact form on the Support page or send an email from the app.

Version 3.0

New Features in v3.0
(Release June 2014)
  • Fresh new design throughout the app
  • Beautiful integrated backgrounds
  • Customisable with your own backgrounds

Version 2.3

New Features in v2.3
  • Backup and restore support to transfer your times to a new device
  • Support for Italian
  • Improvements for selection handling in the user interface

Version 2.0 – 2.2

  • Auto Lunch support in new and edited time entries
  • Adjustable minute accuracy in time editor
  • Check out reminder so you don’t forget to go home!
  • Tags to easily categorize hours in reports for different activities or tasks
  • Tag Quick-Switching: Switch a tag in 2 simple taps!
  • Notes so no details are forgotten
  • Completely revamped Time Entry interface with extended support for adding & deleting time entries and breaks.

Version 1.2

  • Decimal format now supported in time report
  • Swedish and Dutch localization!

Version 1.1

  • Predicted check out time
  • Overtime tracking on a daily basis
  • Irregular daily target hours support
  • Override default first day of week setting
  • Progress Bar
  • Tap display to display overtime today, total today or time since last check in
  • Active timer can be edited
  • Week Report includes the active timer

Version 1.0

  • Week number support (European & US)*
  • Streamlined design to efficiently track your time
  • Day and week hours overview at a glance
  • Easy export by email both in text (HTML) and spreadsheet (CSV) format
  • Lunchtime “set and forget”
  • Timer runs in background
  • Icon badge on home screen
  • Overtime tracking on a daily and weekly basis
  • Simple but stylish time entry editor
  • First day of week automatically set based on location
  • Settings available in the app


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  • Happy for the great reviews! However if you have any issues please contact me at the support address so I can help you ;-) 3 weeks ago
  • Week Timer (Tidrapport / Wochen Timer) version 3.2 now available on the App Store! 4 weeks ago
  • Version 3.2 is ready now and will be released soon. iPhone 6 and 6 plus support included. 1 month ago
  • Just in case you are wondering, iPhone 6 and 6 Plus updates coming very soon! 4 months ago
  • Today is iOS 8 day! You may notice some small user interface issues, but don’t worry, a fix is on its way (Apple is reviewing it) 5 months ago